Hip Hop

Private Hiphop
Private Hiphop
Private Hiphop
Private Hiphop
Private Hiphop

Private Hiphop

Dance classes are an active, energizing form of exercise and expression for both children and adults alike; Learning, developing, and establishing technique and performance skills are the fundamental points in supporting students to become confident, energized individuals and performers. 

  • Introduce style through both foundation and more complex combinations using genre-specific movement and music  
  • Explore and broaden dance vocabulary  
  • Improve musicality and rhythm counting steps and/or sequences independently  
  • Become autonomous dancers confident in performing 
  • A Performance hip hop dance as part of December Dance showcase  
  • A Live performance piece as part of P.A.S Festival 

Our rates for private classes are calculated based on a trimester of 10 sessions and change depending on number of students as well as class length. 

1 hour: 

  • 1 student 6,500,000 
  • 2 students 9,000,000 
  • 3 students 12,000,000 

1,5 hours: 

  • 1 student 9,500,000 
  • 2 students 13,000,000 
  • 3 students 17,000,000 

2 hours: 

  • 1 student 12,500,000 
  • 2 students 17,500,000 
  • 3 students  23,500,000 

Class details

Private class
English French Vietnamese
Long Biên
6 - 78