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private drama
private drama
private drama
private drama

Private drama


Private Drama classes offer an opportunity for all students aged 6 to adults to deepen their practice. This class adapts completely to your needs and wishes. Our coaching starts with a discussion to understand your needs, then the coach will guide you through a theatre journey, from reading and analyzing the script to training on different acting methods. This personal training cannot replace the group training but will allow you to sharpen your acting and deepen your knowledge in the field.  

  • Understand your needs, capacities, and weaknesses  
  • Physical (Breathing, voice, endurance....) and mental training (Vivacity, memorization, speed...) 
  • Discover the ways to engage an audience and keep them during the performance 
  • Work on dialogue and monologue, declamation or other types of public presentation you need to do in your personal and professional life. 
  • Discover different types of solo performance on stage and choose one type that they will work on with their teacher to present at the end of the year 

A solo performance on stage as part of P.A.S Festival


Our rates for private classes are calculated based on a trimester of 10 sessions and change depending on number of students as well as class length. 

1 hour: 

  • 1 student 6,500,000 
  • 2 students 9,000,000 
  • 3 students 12,000,000 

1,5 hours: 

  • 1 student 9,500,000 
  • 2 students 13,000,000 
  • 3 students 17,000,000 

2 hours: 

  • 1 student 12,500,000 
  • 2 students 17,500,000 
  • 3 students  23,500,000 

Class details

Private class
English French Vietnamese
6 - 78