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tango private
tango private
tango private

Private tango

Tango – Hanoi Milonga: the essentials of Tango 

Tango classes can be a couple's night out or a social dance evening, but more than anything a form of exercise and a way to get confident with one's body and expression. Due to its origin and style, these classes are aimed at adults with no previous knowledge of the Argentinian dance. The main objective of this course is getting to know the technique, the music, and the general principles of this South American dance, while also enjoying the chance to perform and learning to improvise. 

  • Internalize the tango-specific musicality through movement (2 x 8)  
  • Introduce a minimum of 10 basic figures and its names and the crossed system  
  • Introduce and practice the basics principles for milonga/traditional Tango: *leading and being led, the walk, the embrace, and posture  
  • Develop the capacity to improvise on the dancefloor, and combine the different learned figures 
  • Be able to switch partners, and lead and be lead in different arrangements 

A Live performance piece as part of Winter Fest and P.A.S Festival. 


Our rates for private classes are calculated based on a trimester of 10 sessions and change depending on number of students as well as class length. 

1 hour: 

  • 1 student 6,500,000 
  • 2 students 9,000,000 
  • 3 students 12,000,000 

1,5 hours: 

  • 1 student 9,500,000 
  • 2 students 13,000,000 
  • 3 students 17,000,000 

2 hours: 

  • 1 student 12,500,000 
  • 2 students 17,500,000 
  • 3 students  23,500,000 

Class details

Private class
English French Vietnamese
6 - 78