Jazz 9-11

Jazz 9-11
Jazz 9-11
Jazz 9-11
Jazz 9-11
Jazz 9-11

Jazz 9-11

Count till 8, we stretch and shake  


As students grow and become more familiar with their developing bodies, we begin to promote and practice jazz techniques as a discipline. Students will learn and practice jazz dance vocabulary and begin to utilize it across a variety of musical styles, building both a technical and artistic appreciation of the dance form.  


Promote enjoyment of jazz dance as a discipline 

  • Develop knowledge of dance as a form of physical exercise 
  • Teach correct posture 
  • Build a sound foundation of technique 
  • Develop the understanding and use of dance terminology 
  • Develop a good sense of line through the body, arms, and head 
  • Develop an artistic appreciation of varying musical styles and their interpretation within the jazz dance genre 
  • Develop awareness of rhythm and counting 
  • Develop spatial awareness and use of space including spatial perception 
  • Introduce direction, facing, and pathways 
  • Gain awareness of audience and sense of performance 
  • Encourage dance as a medium for self-expression and artistry 
  • Encourage ease and self-confidence on stage 


A Musical medley dance piece created from a musical they have studied its creation, choreographer and show narrative in class, as part of December Dance Showcase and P.A.S Festival.   

Class details

2 500 000 VND/trimester
Group class
English French Vietnamese
Tây Hồ
9 - 11
17:30 - 18:30