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Band adult

Together, give in to the groove. 


Open to adults who have already had basic knowledge of instrumental or vocal practice, this class will give the opportunity to explore the best part of music: playing with others. With a fun, creative approach and buckets of experience, we offer a real immersion in the world of live bands, from songwriting to performing and recording, according to each band's technical skills and musical taste. 


  • Learn how to work as a band, develop listening and communication skills 
  • Explore song writing technique:  composition, arrangement and orchestration... to create songs together 
  • Learn basic knowledge of music studio recording 
  • Develop improvisation and jamming skills 
  • Discover technical aspects and "good habits" every live performer should know 


  • Depending on the capacity of the band, a live performance as part of Winter Fest and in P.A.S  
  • A recorded studio demo of their pieces 

Class details

3 500 000 VND/trimester
Group class
English French
Tây Hồ
19 - 78
19:30 - 21:30