Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

This year, ATH has decided to take advantage of its diverse and complementary programme combining music, dance and drama to introduce its first ever Musical Theatre class.

Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance combining these three disciplines. The skill in creating and presenting a musical comes in delivering the story and emotional content of a piece through spoken word, song and movement as a unified

General class content

Students will have the opportunity to work with three different teachers, one from each discipline:

  • Work on construction of characters and dramatic situations through theatrical improvisation and text
  • Develop individual skill capacity both in terms of self and self-confidence, as well as part of a group and member of a cast
  • Learn a basic knowledge of jazz dance technique specific to musical theatre
  • Combine narrative interpretation and a strong performance style
  • Learn basic vocal techniques, discovering the diverse sounds their voice can create
  • Explore and enjoy the fulfillment of vocal polyphony, developing listening abilities while singing as a cast

With a main factor of ATH’s ethos being to train and utilise both a physical and mental approach to performance, creating a strong mind-body connection, Musical Theatre class is the perfect opportunity to combine these concepts and improve students’ overall performance skills.

  • Students will present a work-in-progress at the ATH WINTER FEST in addition to creating an abridged version of a full musical as part of P.A.S Festival.


Group class
English French
Tây Hồ
8 - 11
10:00 - 12:00
3 500 000 VND/trimester