Vocal Ensemble

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Vocal ensemble
Vocal ensemble

Vocal ensemble

Music classes aim to develop the joy of playing music and becoming well-rounded, musically aware students as opposed to simply learning how to sing or play an instrument. Students will discover their body as an expressive instrument, develop their listening skills and learn musical expression and creativity. Students will create and play music together across different cultures, genres and time periods.

General class content
  • Learn good vocal technique
  • Discover a variety of musical styles
  • Develop listening abilities to recognise pitch and rhythm
  • Use movement to learn basic body percussion
  • Explore and enjoy the fulfillment of vocal polyphony
  • Improvise with music together
  • Students will perform in both the ATH Winter Fest half way through the year, and also create and present a performance as part of P.A.S Festival.


Group class
English French
Tây Hồ
9 - 78
14:00 - 15:30
3 000 000 VND/trimester