Drama 6-7

Drama 6-7
Drama 6-7
Drama 6-7

Drama 6-7

My first step in the real world. 

At this age, children start to understand what the existence of the others means. They know better their emotions et place themselves at the center of the world. Unlike the 4-5 years old, the 6-7 years old leave the imaginary land and acquire the first notion of Theater: playing, using space, discipline, and so on. This is also the time when they build self-confidence. That’s why teachers always accompany them on stage in order to avoid any sense of failure and fear in front of the audience. 

Each class will perform a theatrical creation as part of the P.A.S. Festival.


Group class
Tây Hồ
6 - 7
17:30 - 19:00
3 000 000 VND/trimester