Drama & Improv 16-18

drama 16-18
Improv show
16-18 yo
16-18 yo

Drama & Improv 16-18

I assert myself. 

This is the time of identity crisis when teenagers are confronted with the assertion of their issues. ATH proposes again two curricula: Theater and Improvisation theater, adapting the teaching to the age group specificity. Students continue to explore their own capacities with improvisation while Theater makes them take their place in the project, so to assert themselves towards the others. The classes of this age are more challenging, and the students are encouraged to push their limits, liberating their creative potential. 

Throughout the year, depending on the group’s preferences and strengths, the teacher will propose public presentations within ATH and/or other venues. At the end of the year, a theatrical creation and an improvisation show or battle will be presented as part of the P.A.S. Festival.


Group class
Tây Hồ
16 - 18
18:00 - 20:00
3 500 000 VND/trimester