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A new way to improvise by pusing the limits. 

Improvisation theatre, often called "improv", is a theatrical creation without a pre-written text, and without rehearsals by the actors. In improvisational theatre, the actor is (simultaneously) a playwright, director, set designer, and actor. Improvising means bringing together the act of creation and its production at the same time. 

In this Online Improv course, students will discover a new format, mixing cinematic and theatrical techniques. Often bringing together people living in different cities or countries, we see this as an opportunity to further broaden the scope of possible encounters and artistic exchanges.   

  • Learn to play in front of the camera.  
  • Practice a new format mixing improvisation and cinema.  
  • Development of specific improvisation and acting techniques for each show.  
  • Deepening of improvisation and story-building techniques  
  • Study of complex patterns and development of long-format shows.  
  • Physical training to acquire a strong, lively, and reactive body. 

The group will perform two shows during the year, one at Winter Fest and one at P.A.S Festival.   

  • Courses will take place live, in the form of a video conference with an ATH teacher leading each class. Times and days will be chosen according to the group. A first appointment will be scheduled to find a day and time that would suit everyone. 
  • Despite the video constraints, the objective is to continue to provide active sessions and not theoretical lessons.  
  • A link to join the class you’ve subscribed for will be sent after registration. 
  • Download Zoom, video-conferencing software we’re using: 

Class details

3 000 000 VND/trimester
Group class
19 - 78