Improv Adult

Improv Adult
Improv Adult
Improv Adult
Improv Adult
Improv Adult

Improv adult

Overcome yourself 

Improvisation theatre, often called "improv", is a theatrical creation without a pre-written text, without rehearsals by the actors. In improvisational theatre, the actor is (simultaneously) a playwright, director, set designer, and actor. Improvising means bringing together the act of creation and its production at the same time. 

With improv, students can develop:   

  • short-term memory   
  • constant attention to others   
  • a sense of spontaneity   
  • awareness of the present moment: accepting it, then transforming it as one pleases   
  • alertness   
  • ability to get out of one's comfort zone   
  • Two forms of theatrical improvisation theatre will be proposed: the Improv Match and the improvisation show 
  • Learning and practicing the ten basic principles of improvisation designed by its founding masters 
  • Training in spontaneity, emotional control, body adaptability, imagination, ability to construct a story and to work as a team 
  • Development of individual skills, listening ability, and self-confidence 

Throughout the year, depending on the group's preferences and strengths, the teacher will propose public presentations within ATH and/or other venues. 

Students will present a battle or an improvisation show as part of Winter Fest and P.A.S. Festival

Class details

4 000 000 VND/trimester
Group class
Tây Hồ
19 - 78
20:00 - 22:30