Drama Adult

Drama Adult
Drama Adult
Drama Adult

Drama Adults

Every year, ATH proposes a different methodological approach to the students. The different exercises allow them to appropriate methods. They learn how to better manage their body, emotion, create a character, and so on. Those skills are considered more important than memorizing the text. The duration of the workshop is around 9 months, giving enough time for the students to take benefit of the proposed method. At the end of the year, a theatrical production made by the whole group and directed by the teacher is performed at the P.A.S. festival. 
This class is open to everyone who is interested in Theatrical Art, willing to experiment acting, being on stage, or just discover unexplored personal capacities. 

General class content

  • Getting to know basic concepts of drama: acting, space management, theatrical vocabulary, etc.
  • Construction of characters and dramatic situations through theatrical improvisation
  • Individual and collective work on a new text every year
  • Development of unique abilities and self-confidence both individually and as part of a group

Each class will perform a theatrical creation as part of the P.A.S. Festival.


Group class
Tây Hồ
19 - 78
20:00 - 22:30
4 000 000 VND/trimester