Drama & Improv 12-15

12-15 yo
12-15 yo
12-15 yo
12-15 yo

Drama & Improv 12-15

Who am I? I build my identity. 

Teenagers try to define themselves towards others. For this age, ATH proposes two curricula: Improv and Theater. Improvisation Theater is based on personal development and team-building with skills such as acceptance, listening, self-involvement and team building, and so on. During the Theater class, they discover their qualities as well as their defects. We work with contemporary authors whose texts reflect the world as it is today so the students can be aware of it. 

Throughout the year, depending on the group’s preferences and strengths, the teacher will propose public presentations within ATH and/or other venues. At the end of the year, a theatrical creation and an improvisation show or battle will be presented as part of the P.A.S. Festival.


Group class
Tây Hồ
12 - 15
14:00 - 16:00
3 500 000 VND/trimester