Jazz Dance Adult

Broadway Jazz adult
Broadway Jazz adult
Broadway Jazz adult
Broadway Jazz adult

Broadway Jazz Adult

Jazz hands! 


Jazz classes are a supportive space for both children and adults to develop themselves in many aspects such as health, creativity, and self-expression. In addition to helping students become performers equipped with performing techniques and skills, the core value of the class will revolve around nurturing unique individuals with knowledge, love, and fun. 


  • Focus on Broadway Jazz style. 

  • Learn the general history and originality of Jazz/Bob Fosse Style.  

  • Introduce style through both foundation and choreographies.  

  • Understand and use Theatre Jazz and basic Ballet terminology 

  • Understand and act as certain characters while dancing.  

  • Become confident dancers in performing. 


Students will input their ideas, thoughts and suggestions for music and style in order to create a full Theatre Jazz dance showcase piece to be performed as part of the PAS Festival. 

Class details

3 150 000 VND/trimester
Group class
English French Vietnamese
Tây Hồ
19 - 78
10:30 - 12:00