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Ballet 8-11
Ballet 8-11

Ballet - private


Private classes are best suited to students who are 11+ years. Students who attend private classes are those who are serious about developing their technique and performance with the potential ambition of continuing to practice dance as they get older.  

These classes will have a strong focus on strengthening technique, maturing as a dancer, and striving in performance.


Be able to discuss the physiological benefits of exercise and good posture 

  • Enjoy utilizing this class for those benefits 
  • Apply good posture and line in practice and performance 
  • Understand and use Ballet terminology 
  • Adapt energy and style of movement in accordance with different musical styles and dance vocabulary 
  • Be able to perform a variety of rhythmical steps and count them correctly 
  • Maintain spatial perception in practice and performance 
  • Be willing and confident to perform 

Students will perform in both the Winter Fest halfway through the year, and also present a performance as part of P.A.S Festival. 


Our rates for private classes are calculated based on a trimester of 10 sessions and change depending on number of students as well as class length. 

1 hour: 

  • 1 student 6,500,000 
  • 2 students 9,000,000 
  • 3 students 12,000,000 

1,5 hours: 

  • 1 student 9,500,000 
  • 2 students 13,000,000 
  • 3 students 17,000,000 

2 hours: 

  • 1 student 12,500,000 
  • 2 students 17,500,000 
  • 3 students  23,500,000 

Class details

3 150 000 VND/trimester
Group class
English French Vietnamese
Tây Hồ
12 - 18
18:00 - 19:30