Jazz Dance 6-7

Jazz 6-7
Jazz 6-7

Broadway Jazz 6-7

There's no right or wrong in Solo Jazz. 


Jazz classes are a supportive space for both children and adults to develop themselves in many aspects such as health, creativity, and self-expression. In addition to helping students become performers equipped with performing techniques and skills, the core value of the class will revolve around nurturing unique individuals with knowledge, love, and fun. 


  • Focus on Solo/Authentic Jazz style. 

  • Learn the general history and originality of Jazz dance. 

  • Learn foundational, stylistic movement initially. 

  • Develop vocabulary, musicality, and spatial awareness through basic steps and combinations. 

  • Understand the energy and spirit of Jazz dance through story-telling and improvising/freestyling.  

  • Gradually build individuality in performance. 


Students will choose a specific theme or style they have enjoyed in class and create a jazz dance medley to be performed live as part of the PAS Festival. 

Class details

2 700 000 VND/trimester
Group class
English French Vietnamese
Tây Hồ
6 - 7
17:00 - 18:00