Batucada Ensemble

Batucada Ensemble
Batucada Ensemble
Batucada Ensemble
Batucada Ensemble
Batucada Ensemble

Batucada Army

Let's get loud! 


This family friendly class reunites people from age 9 to adult in a massive percussion ensemble, with international backgrounds. It mixes and adapts the musical and cultural aspect of Brazilian Batucada with the goal of creating an extended representation of this artistic expression in Hanoi. 

In form of a group class, Batucada Army aims to develop the joy of playing music together while students discover their bodies as an expressive instrument; It will wake up and enhance their sense of rhythm. Once every trimester, students may have an outdoor class in the park.


  • Discover the different musical styles from Brazil and Latin America. 
  • Learn different percussion patterns throughout the year as well as improvise and create their own rhythm. 
  • Find and choose students own ‘voice’ through a percussive instrument; being individuals as part of a group ensemble. 
  • Use a variety of techniques to learn a musical language playing a self-made or recycled instrument. 


Depending on the group's capacity, a live performance as part of Winter Fest and P.A.S Festival   

Class details

3 000 000 VND/trimester
Group class
Tây Hồ
9 - 78
10:45 - 12:15