Vocal Ensemble Kid 6-8

Vocal 6-8
Vocal 6-8
Vocal 6-8
Vocal 6-8

Vocal Ensemble Kid 6-11

All together - loud and proud! 

Nothing can compare to the joy of playing music together, and while practicing vocal performance, being a part of a small vocal group can be a great chance to enhance your singing skills in ways that singing alone doesn't bring you to. In this small vocal ensemble, you will blend your voice with others and explore and enjoy the fulfillment of vocal polyphony and at the same time, since it’s a small group, each member gets a chance to carry their part. 

By joining this fun active vocal ensemble, designed for kids from all over the world, you will discover not only your voice but your whole body as an expressive instrument, develop your listening skills, creativity and embrace the diversity of music from different cultures, genres and time periods.


  • Learn correct vocal technique 
  • Discover a variety of music styles 
  • Develop listening abilities to recognize pitch and rhythm 
  • Use movement to learn basic body percussion 
  • Explore harmony making 
  • Figure out the structure of each song, recreate an adaptation based on the group's desire 
  • Work on musicality to enhance performance skills 


Depending on the group's capacity, a live performance as part of Winter Fest and P.A.S Festival 

Class details

3 150 000 VND/trimester
Group class
Tây Hồ
6 - 8
8:30 - 10:00