Batucada Ensemble Kid

Batucada Kid
Batucada Kid
Batucada Kid
Batucada Kid

Batucada Ensemble Kid

Let’s play our drum 


Batucada Ensemble adapts the musical and cultural aspect of Brazilian Batucada with the intention to create an extended representation of this artistic expression in Hanoi, from the earliest age; this group class provides students the knowledge of various percussions, drumming techniques, and adapted levels of improvisation and composition. This group class aims to develop the joy of playing music together while students discover their body as an expressive instrument; It will wake up and enhance their sense of rhythm. This class is a good start for children in the music world and provides them with a good base before learning any other instrument later in the future. 


  • Discover the different musical styles from Brazil and Latin America.                                           

  • Explore and experiment with different types of percussion.               

  • The First approach to drumming technique: body posture, handling each instrument, and playing with sticks.     

  • Learning fun and active music theory: reading, writing rhythm, and ear training. 

  • Learn different percussion patterns throughout the year as well as improvise and create their rhythm. 

  • Find and choose students ‘voices’ through a percussive instrument, being individuals as part of a group ensemble. 


A live performance as part of the P.A.S Festival 

Class details

2 500 000 VND/trimester
Group class
Tây Hồ
6 - 8
16:00 - 17:00