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Writing Teen

Giving shape to your words 


This workshop is for all teenagers who want to write and use this means of expression to bring their voice and their creation to the stage; It consists of accompanying the participants in the research of their writing, finding the strong points, and making it resonate through the voice and the body. It is a space that proposes to invent texts to be said or chanted, to conceive, and play one's characters, to experiment with one's words so that each one can gain confidence and assert their word on the world and their imagination.  

  • Create a collective writing dynamic where spontaneity, creativity, freedom of style, and listening to personal desires are privileged.  
  • To accompany each participant in his or her creative projects by proposing texts by authors to be discovered, by giving feedback and tools to help in the reworking and finalization of the texts they have created  
  • To experiment and bring to life the texts written in the workshop through the voice and the play.  
  • For each participant to create a personal piece of about 15 minutes for the stage that will be read or performed by the group.  

Class details

3 500 000 VND/trimester
Group class
Long Biên
14 - 18
17:00 - 19:00