Drama 10-11

Drama 9-11
Drama 9-11
Drama 9-11
Drama 9-11

Drama 10-11

The Art of Questioning  

ATH offers a teaching program adapted to the physical skills and psychological development that characterize the different ages. The program includes a period of general drama training for all groups, followed by a period of theatre production. 

It is the time of the fastest physical and psychological growth for the human being. Teenagers of this age have a high cognitive capacity and develop abstract thoughts. They constantly ask questions and try to answer them by themselves. Our curriculum encourages them to ask, think and analyze the characters and the situations. Then they develop their critical thinking. On top of that, our curriculum focuses on classical theatre plays to enrich their knowledge. 

  • Getting to know basic concepts of drama: acting, space management, theatrical vocabulary etc.  
  • Construction of characters and dramatic situations through improvisation theatre techniques 
  • Individual and collective work on a new text every year  
  • Deepening the acting techniques focusing on the concept of “truly acting” while enjoying playing on stage 
  • Discovering a theatre artist each month through text reading, movie, audio... in order to enrich their theatrical culture, to develop their sense of criticism and to inspire them with different ways of doing theatre.  
  • Development of physical and mental skills, self-confidence both individually and as part of a group 

Each class will perform a theatrical creation as part of the P.A.S. Festival

Class details

3 600 000 VND/trimester
Group class
ATH Theatre
10 - 11
10:15 - 12:15