Band Kid 6-11

Together we play 


Open to kids who have already had basic knowledge of instrumental or vocal practice, this class will give the opportunity to explore the best part of music: playing with others. With a fun, creative approach and buckets of experience, we offer a real immersion in the world of live bands, from songwriting to performing and recording, according to each band's technical skills and musical taste. 


  • Learn how to work as a band 
  • Develop listening and communication skills 
  • Explore song writing technique: composition, arrangement and orchestration... to create songs together 
  • Develop improvisation and jamming skills 
  • Discover technical aspects and "good habits" every live performer should know 


  • Depending on the capacity of the band, a live performance as part of Winter Fest and in P.A.S Festival
  • A recorded studio demo of their pieces