Guitar Ensemble 6-7

Why learn guitar alone when you can do it with friends? 


Open to beginners, this class will provide students the knowledge of the guitar, interpretation technique, and adapted level of improvisation, and composition. It will also be an excellent opportunity for children to get along with group practice, and to learn how to listen and respond to others. This class is a perfect start for children in the music world and provides them with a good base before learning any other instrument later on. 


  • The first approach to guitar technique: body posture, flexibility, and finger reinforcement 

  • Learning a fun and active music theory: reading, writing music, rhythm, ear training 

  • Learning how to play chords and melodies. 

  • Singing songs you enjoy, and discovering some you didn't know with others. 

  • Getting some group practice skills: listening, communication, and harmony. 

  • The first step to improvisation and composition skills" 


A live performance as part of the P.A.S Festival