Music lab teen 12-18

Reveal the magic of music world 


Music is used in many circumstances of human life, on the streets, in movies, in ceremonies... and we listen to it, passively and be affected by it without knowing why. This music lab is designed for teen musicians, music learners or simply music lovers and allows them to get the answer for that question and to collect music theorical knowledge in a fun and active way.   

In this class, music theory and history won’t be something boring, complicate to learn anymore but exciting tools that help you understand what you hear, and create the effects that you desire in your own music!


All sessions will include a variety of creative activities and games promoting both physical and mental development in music. This “laboratory" is designed on active listening and each lesson is an adventure where together students and teachers will listen, analyze a music piece (modern or classical), get to understand the secret “formula” behind it (rhythm, melody, harmony, structure...) then recreate and apply it in a small collective improvisation.

  • Discover musical analysis, and musical culture 
  • Learn notion of writing and reading music, rhythm, and harmony  
  • Develop hearing abilities 
  • Explore interpretation as well as sound engineering technique  


Lab on stage where students discover and analyze a well-known piece of music live as part of P.A.S Festival.