Piano Ensemble 6-8

Let's explore the colors behind those black-white keys! 


Provides to students the knowledge of the keyboard, interpretation techniques, and adapted level of improvisation and composition; and allows students from an early age to get along with group practice, they learn to listen, play with others, support others, and make room for their colleagues to shine. This class is a perfect start for children in the music world and provides them with a good base before learning any other instrument later in the future. 


  • First approach to piano technique: body posture, flexibility, and finger reinforcement 

  • Learning a fun and active music theory: reading, writing music, rhythm, and ear training 

  • Interpretations of short songs    

  • Getting group practice skills: listening, communication, harmony           

  • First steps into music improvisation in a collective creation     


A live performance as part of the P.A.S Festival