P.A.S Festival


    Since its first edition at La Cinémathèque in May 2015, the P.A.S Festival takes place every year in different theaters in the city of Hanoi: Nhà hát Kịch Việt Nam (Vietnam National Drama Theatre), Nhà hát Nhạc Vũ Kịch Việt Nam (Vietnam Opera and Ballet Theatre)... The purpose of the P.A.S Festival is to create a place and a time for multicultural artistic exchange between the various actors of the performing arts present in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.   

    For 10 days, improvisation matches, theatre plays, music, and dance performances will be brought together, either created in Hanoi or elsewhere, presented by children, teenagers, adults and ideally for a large audience.   

    Since 2020, the P.A.S is made up of 3 main events:   

    • The first weekend, called Kid P.A.S, is for all children under 12 years old.   
    • The second weekend, called TeenAdult P.A.S, is for everyone from 12 years old to adult.    
    • In between these two weekends, the Street P.A.S invites the audience to come and enjoy the show in many extraordinary places.    

     The majority of the shows are available in Vietnamese, English and French to better serve the primary objective of the festival: the mixing of a large public, the meeting and the cultural exchanges through the artistic practice.

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    P.A.S Festival
    P.A.S Festival
    P.A.S Festival
    P.A.S Festival
    P.A.S Festival
    Season 2021

    Schedule will be updated soon.


    Since 2019, P.A.S. Festival has remained mostly digital. At last, in 2022 we will be able to do the entire festival and this year, P.A.S is going to travel:​

    • First weekend, at ATH: Kid P.A.S, for children under 12 years old​
    • In between two weekends: Street P.A.S, with shows in different cultural places that have held up during these times of crisis​
    • Second weekend, at Vietnam Opera and Ballet Theatre: TeenAdult P.A.S, for everyone from 12 years old to adult ​

    On top of that, this year, ATH is approaching different cultural centers in Hanoi to support artistic initiative and reinforce the idea that art is indispensable for our society, whether by consuming or practicing it.   ​

    Click the IMAGE below for program of each P.A.S

    Kid PAS
    Street PAS
    TeenAdult Teen

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    Pas season 2023

    Schedule will be updated soon.