Performed by Ha Nguyen Long and his troupe.

" With the world being stretched, spread in connection, we're in a tendency of being taken far from home.” 

About Common Dialogues

Common Dialogues is the second part of a three theatrical performances series reflecting Ha Nguyen Long's thoughts on Distance, including: Significant Dream – Common Dialogues – Conversations or Reunion. Distance in Common Dialogues is the immeasurable stretching of private spaces between groups of two characters in a seemingly everyday setting – a birthday party at an apartment happens to be robbed, belongs to an office lady in a civilized city.  


A birthday party. 6pm - An office lady got home to prepare for her birthday party before guests arrived, to discover that her apartment had been visited by burglars. She felt there was no time to call the police or the security of the building, and decided to continue to let the birthday party go on as usual, not knowing what she had really lost. She cleaned up the mess before her husband got home. The two of them were seen socializing, cooking, having fun with friends and spending their important evening in superficially daily basis conversations. During the evening, diverse types of dialogue of the protagonist will take place with several characters such as a husband, a delivery man, party friends, and an online character. The space and development of the story is led with a lot of musicality. Light and humorous dialogues sometimes make the character become lost. Fortunately, loneliness only knocks on the door when night comes, with nothing to promise its lingering or for it to continue when the light begins to show. The feeling of something mysterious in the dialogue always tends to evoke and then to make disappear. 

The script was created on stage by the actors and the Script Team of XplusX Studio

  • Concept/Director/Space designer : Hà Nguyên Long
  • Music/Sound designer: Nhung Nguyễn, with the help of XplusX Studio Sound Workshop members
  • Videography: Phan Đinh Linh Chi
  • Light and Sound: Bùi Kiên Trung


  • Trần Quang Huy
  • Nguyễn Thu Hậu
  • Hồng MA
  • Yết Yết
  • Minh Ánh
  • Thái Hà
  • Hương Trà
  • Minh Anh
  • Bùi Kiên Trung 


  • Date: Every Saturday evening in July (2-9-16-23-30) 
  • Time: 20:00 
  • Language: Vietnamese 
  • Age Limited: from 12 and above 
  • Ticket: 
    • 2/7: 210,000 VND/person (public rehearsal)
    • 9-16-23-30/7: 300,000 VND/person

30% OFF for students and ATH's members (not applicable for 2/7)

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