"Le quatrième mur"

Performed by ATH Drama & Improv's students (16-18 y.o)
"Claude, a slightly unsuccessful but inspired director, invites the audience to a rehearsal. But is the audience really the audience or is the audience part of this play? In any case, it is not a rehearsal to which everyone is invited, it is about redefining theatre and through this journey surely meeting characters with particular stories. 
A play, yes. But a classic play with a text that the actors follow with a clear cast? Or a staged play that the actors will replay a hundred times if they have to? No! nothing like that, welcome to a world between theatre and improvisation where even if the whole thing follows a narrative framework, each moment is completely invented and reinvented each time. "


  • Date: Friday, 9th June 2023
  • Time: 20:00
  • Language: FR
  • Location: ATH - Drama and Art Space - address HERE


"Improvisation match : Singapore VS Hanoi" 

Exceptional meeting, the SK Impro team of Singapore comes to face the ATH team of Hanoi. LIFA improvisation competitions resume in Hanoi 

But what is an improvisation match?    
The match consists in the confrontation of two teams generally composed of several players and a coach. A referee, accompanied by one or two assistants, makes sure that the match goes on according to the rules. The audience decides the winner of each round.  

What is LIFA?  


Founded in November 2017, the LIFA (Ligue d'Improvisation Francophone d'Asie) creates and consolidates a network of French-speaking improvisation troupes in Asia in order to increase their skills, the quality of the shows they offer and to multiply the opportunities to play for its members and spectators. 

Its mission is to make discover the joys of improvisation in French to as many people as possible, and to spread the French language through our passion throughout Asia. 

Presentation of the teams :  
ATH: The ATH team is composed of students from the French improvisation class of ATH. Some have several years of experience, others are beginners. But all are very motivated. At ATH, they have learned the long game of improvisation, the match and to touch different types of improvisation. Their motivation is beyond anything you can imagine: to practice, to succeed and to fail brilliantly. A team full of surprise and madness.  

SK Impro : SK Impro is an improvisation team composed of members from HK and Singapore. Before coming to Asia, the members of the troupe have performed for several teams in Europe such as: La Ludi, Les brunch à la ferme or les Ours dans ta baignoire ! Often associated with improvisation mercenaries, this team is thirsty for playing time.

sk impro



  • Date : Saturday, June 10th 2023 
  • Time : 20:00 
  • Language : FR 
  • Location: ATH - Drama and Art Space - address HERE


“La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu”

Performed by ATH Drama's students (Adult)
"The Trojan War will not take place,"" says Andromache as the curtain opens on the terrace of Priam's palace. Paris no longer loves Helen and Helen has lost her taste for Paris, but Troy will not give up the captive. For all the men in the city 'there is nothing left but Helen's step, Helen's cubit, the range of Helen's glance or voice', and the augurs themselves refuse to let her go.
Hector, for Troy, and Odysseus, for Greece, try at all costs to save the peace. But war is a matter of fate, not of human will. The Trojan War will happen.
Performed by 5 actors, this gigantic peplum takes shape with discretion in the shadows and the simplicity. "


  • Date: Sunday, 11th June 2023
  • Time: 18:00
  • Langage: FR
  • Location: ATH - Drama and Art Space - address HERE
la guerre
4e mur