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The dramatic intensity and the simplicity of the emotions conveyed in a complex and difficult to understand text do not make it lose its theatrical logic. On the other hand, this symbolic text is able to show us all the human complexity through its moments and sensations that it brings us. The symbolism, present in the play, oscillates between different forms, can be capable of both evoking a higher reality and inviting the reader to a true deciphering.  Nhung Manh/Fragments is a kind of acting laboratory, where the actresses challenge themselves with different acting techniques and ways of using and manipulating the stage. And then they will also define, once again, their role on stage.  


One body, two identities, lost in the depths of their existence and struggling to get out of their what so-called human condition. They are shattered and, being nothing but a connection of fragments, of themselves and in relation to life. On stage, 2 tortured identities tries to recompose and glue their souls together. They will face a fallen god, who seems to have lost his power, and a beautiful yet empty and collapsed spirituality. As soon as the god creates the human, who will then decide the fate of these souls and their identities? Could the god manipulate the human forever? Would the God have disappeared? And how?  This play is an initiatory journey into the depths of the human soul. It represents our time, when everything seems to be slowly falling apart, we surround ourselves only with scattered fragments, small pieces of everything, we choose to see what is on the surface instead of look beneath it, everything becomes common. And what about this soul inside us, do we only give it fragments of everything? 


  • Quentin Delorme


  • Nguyen Hoa My
  • Phung Giang Huong


  • Date: Saturday, 3th-10th-17th December
  • Time: 20:00 – 21:00
  • Location: ATH Tay Ho
  • Address: Theatre 21, 21 hem 12/2/5 Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho, Ha Noi.
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Age limit: 14 and above
  • Ticket: 300,000 VND/person

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