Hissez Haut !

Hissez Ho!

Performed by ATH's students (6-7 y.o)

Heave-haut! tells the adventure of the Red Pigs, the nicest Pirates of the Caribbean, in search of the hidden treasure! Violent sea, mysterious forest, mythical creature, will they succeed in taking this treasure?


Inspired by the game "Sea of Thieves"

  • Date: Saturday, 21 May 2022
  • Time: 17:00
  • Language: French
  • Location: ATH Tay Ho— Address : click HERE

About ATH: ATH is the only artistic practice space in Hanoi open to all, in Vietnamese, French and English. Theatre, dance, music, song, visual arts: through collective creation, ATH considers artistic practice as a vehicle for exchange, benevolence, trust and knowledge of self and others.
Website: ath.edu.vn






Hissez Ho!
Hissez Ho!
Hissez Ho!