I know you know i know you don't know

Performed by ATH Improv Ensemble

Improvisation show, what to expect?  Maybe laughs, maybe tears, maybe a happy ending, maybe a bad ending, maybe crazy women, maybe dramatic men. Who knows?   The “Players” (improvisers) go on stage without a script and the audience gives constraints, then a night full of stories happens onstage.   A funny play, a strange movie, or a crazy sci-fi story will be built totally based on your suggestions and will last for ONE HOUR.  Do you want to discover your own surprise? Come to see us every Saturday night in November at Theatre 21. 


ATH Ensemble Improv team is the association of all teachers and assistants in improvisation within the improvisation department of ATH. We know them as teachers, but beware they are also stage performers, this collective will allow you to discover them on their favorite field: the stage! Together? Because it is a group it is a composition of all these different individualities, because to improvise for them it is the same vision as all the activity of the department of the Ath of which they are responsible, it is to say a gorup which carries or each element is precious, or the synergy, the balance, the collective madness are paramount values. This team is also a spirit, a spirit of challenge, a spirit of experimentation, a spirit filled with humanism, completely carried by the sharing and the collective creation. 


  • Quentin Delorme
  • Etienne Rousseaux
  • Hoa My Nguyen
  • Kim Thanh Le
  • Laura Buttler


  • Date: Every Saturday in November (5th –12th –19th –26th)  
  • Time: 8pm – 9pm 
  • Location: ATH Tay Ho 
  • Audience: from 10y.o 
  • Language: English 
  • Pricing: 250,000 VND/person 

OFF 30% for students and ATH's members

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