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Jazz's concerts are a series that will immerse you in experimental Jazz. 4 Saturday evenings promise to bring 4 exceptionally different colors of Jazz:

Jazz Duyen is a harmony cross of music, between two sounds from two different cultures and times, just as “charming” as its name (charming is Duyen in Vietnamese). “With just one jazz note plays, and you know it's Quan Ho”. Jazz Duyen is the desire to embrace, preserve and develop Vietnamese folk music.

Jazz Thiếu nhi (Jazz kids in english)  is remixes and adaptations of Vietnamese children's music such as "Chiếc đèn ông sao sao năm cánh tươi màu ", "Bắc Kim Thang cà lang bí rợ ...", how would songs that have been familiar to many Vietnamese families be refreshed with a jazz style?

The Red Eyes band will take you on an extraordinary journey, where all you will want is to take a sip of a light cocktail and chill in the energetic atmosphere of the group. From classical jazz to new remixes, Red Eyes will be there with you to revel in jazz. 


  • Music Executive /Musician QUYỀN THIỆN ĐẮC,  
  • Composition and arrangement/ Musician HOÀNG XUÂN TÙNG 
  • Drummer LÊ VIỆT HÙNG 
  • Bassist NGUYỄN THẾ VINH 
  • The Red eyes band 


  • Date: Saturday, 4th – 11th – 18th – 25th June
    • 4th June: Jazz Thiếu Nhi (Jazz Kids) 
    • 11th June: Jazz Duyên 
    • 18th June: The Red Eyes band 
    • 25th June: The Red Eyes band 
  • Time: 
    • 4th June: 17:00 - 18:30 
    • 11th-18th-25th June: 20:00 - 21:30
  • Location: Theatre 21 – ATH Tây Hồ 
  • Ticket: 350,000 VND/Person 
  • For all ages 

30% Discount for students and ATH's member

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