Professional Productions



ATH aims to promote performing arts as a tool of cultural exchange and social support in Vietnam, mainly in Hanoi, or abroad through organizations of popular educational, cultural events.  


“No one educates no one, no one educates himself, people educate themselves together through the world." - Paulo Freire  

Culture must bring people together, encourage them to think and confront their thoughts. It is about giving ourselves the means to understand and reflect on the world in order to transform it together.  The word “culture” is fundamentally defined as “what is common to a group of individuals, what unites it together”.  

Through the differences and common points that we will observe from all parts of society, we want to find a path to a culture that would be fairer, defending human rights. 


Is where artists of diverse origins and disciplines gather together to experiment within workshops and show creations. Their creation can be varied both in form and content, some accessible to a greater audience, others built for a more targeted audience, but always addressed to as many age groups and social categories as possible according to the means given.  

ATH accompanies each artist throughout their creative journey by providing them stage resources in their venues and artistic advice.   

Their creation can also be performed in 21 Theatre, Winter Fest, and P.A.S Festival or on tour around the country through diverse cultural events and in different art venues.   


Professional Productions
Professional Productions
Professional Productions