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ATH Théâtre  is a venue for the creation and presentation of live, multi-disciplinary shows with an international outlook. It supports young artists through its programme of artist residencies, support for creation and production, co-productions and hosting of stage productions.   

ATH Théâtre aims to promote the performing arts in all their dimensions, to share and confront different ways of looking at the world and ourselves, and to (re)create a dialogue that renews cultural, social and political differences.   
Cultural diversity is at the heart of what we do:   
  • Shows from several countries, with multicultural artists  
  • Confrontations between the arts, new scenic forms that go beyond conventional norms   
  • Support for young artists through artist residencies and assistance with creation and production.  
  • A multitude of languages used, verbally and/or physically. 
Contact us to find out about the various possibilities for collaboration and to set up a programme with us for the public in Hanoi. We are open to Amateur and professional.
Please feel free to check out our RENTAL RATES and TECH DIAGRAM — your curiosity is welcomed.
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