Drama ensemble



ATH Drama Ensemble is made up of ATH theater teachers. They are convinced that education in the performing arts should not be separated from production. For several years, each of them has been performing as actors, directors, musicians, etc. in different creations made by themselves or by other artists.  

In April 2022, they first created a drama play together named Thank you for coming, a creation showing 6 short plays, 6 personal universes, 6 ways to view the world, and directed by 6 different directors. As in our troubled times, telling stories and reflecting upon our human nature as well as our capacity to live together is more than necessary. Are you ready to explore all the possibilities offered by the stage and look into the mirror held up to you? The adventure will be filled with chills and amusements, lights and shadows... like our world, and our souls!   

Thank you for coming will be back on Theatre 21’s stage every Saturday night in October 2022.  

Audience feedback:  

"Mind blowing experience. I feel like stepping into a weird, exciting world".  

"Un super spectacle avec des super acteurs!!! A absolument regarder :)".  

"Thank you for such a wonderful time, it was powerful, moving, funny, insane, and beautiful".