Neighbourhood Theatre

    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    What is Neighborhood Theatre?   

    Neighbourhood Theatre is an extension of ATH, offering professional companies, organizations, and private groups the chance to participate in performing arts activities and thus further enhance their management, staff, students’ or friends’ work-performance skills, as well as group morale. ATH will tailor your Neighbourhood Theatre courses for each group individually, and our ATH company director will discuss the best course of action with each organization.   

    Course types we currently provide are:  
    • Stand-alone workshops  
    • Continued professional development   
    • Teacher training  
    • In-school clubs  
    • After school clubs   
    Courses available in French, English, and Vietnamese:  
    • Improvisation  
    • Drama  
    • Applied Theatre  
    • Music  
    • Dance and movement 
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    What will people learn?  

    Utilizing the arts in your training can improve participants’ overall abilities in areas such as; adaptability, awareness, confidence, presentation skills, teamwork, effective management, communication, and more.   

    Each of the different disciplines available provides their specific skill set to suit your group or organization’s goals.  

    • Imagination and creative thinking  
    • Self-discipline  
    • Spontaneity and problem solving  
    • Initiative and reaction time  
    • Mindfulness: accepting the present moment and transforming it at will  
    • Ability to get out of your comfort zone  
    • Long-term memory  
    • Self-confidence and confidence as part of a group  
    • Creative construction  
    • Teamwork and empathy  
    • Assertiveness in the group  
    • Imagination  
    • Exploring Creativity  
    • Applied Theatre   
    • Creative way of teaching  
    • The Capacity of inspiring and collaborating with students   
    • Strengthen communication between colleagues   
    • Rhythms and body   
    • Presentation and performance  
    Dance and Movement   
    • Dedication and perseverance  
    • Presentation and performance  
    • Attention to detail  
    • Resilience  
    How can I book the Neighbourhood Theatre?   

    You may contact us at to arrange an appointment with our director and discuss your interests and needs.   

    We look forward to hearing from you and furthering our work in the community! 

    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Organizations who currently benefit from our Neighbourhood Theatre  
    • Erato Music and Performing Arts School  
    • Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School  
    • Be Singer Art Centre  
    • Hanoi-Amsterdam Highschool  
    • French School Alexandre Yersin  
    • Embassy of France in Vietnam   
    Organizations who have previously benefited from Neighbourhood Theatre  
    In Vietnam   
    • O'Chau school  
    • French Highschool Alexandre Yersin   
    • L'Espace, French Institute in Vietnam   
    • Nam Thanh Cong Primary School  
    • Trung Vuong Secondary School  
    • Hanoi-Amsterdam Highschool  
    • National University of Hanoi   
    • Hanoi University  
    • Chu Van An Highschool  
    • Ngo Si Lien Secondary School  
    • Le Quy Don Highschool  
    • Giang Vo Secondary school  
    In Thailand  
    • University of Phayao   
    • French International School in Bangkok   
    • Embassy of France in Thailand   
    • Chonkalayanukoon School  
    • Seekan / Wattananupathum School  
    • Trian Udom Suksa School  
    • Rachineeburana School  
    • Udomdarunee School  
    • Chalermkwansatree School  
    • Uttaradit Darunee School  
    • Rangsit University  
    • Mae Fah Luang University       
    • Wachirathamsatit School  
    • Propittayapayat School  
    • Phuketwittayalai School  
    • Sankhamphaeng School  
    In the Philippines   
    • International School of Manilla 
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre

    ATH's Neighbourhood interventions give rise to productions designed according to the capacities and desires of the participating groups.   

    Varied, in terms of duration and form, each production can be presented in:   
    • School/Organization partners   
    • Winter Fest  
    • P.A.S Festival  
    • 21 Theatre  
    • European festivals (in some specific cases)   
    • To celebrate the fruit of their efforts   
    • To build a strong group spirit around a common objective  
    • To work on team coordination and autonomy  
    • To enrich students through memorable experiences  
    • We define an objective with our partner at the beginning of the project   
    • We coordinate the production according to student's wishes, project resources, and time.   

    Conceived like all the other ATH productions, they respond to a pedagogical ethic that aims, above all, to develop the scenic aptitudes and creative capacities of each member of the group while meeting the requirements of rigor essential to quality learning.  

    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre
    Neighbourhood theatre