Past Project
poster fragment

Adaptation of The Death of the Prince by Fernando Pessoa

Two characters in search of identity and a "god" in search of believers. This play is a journey into the depths of the human soul. It represents the disjointed era in which we live fragmented, flying over small pieces of everything without seeing the depth of it. Everything is global, nothing is precise. What about our soul when we feed it only with fragments?
On stage two tortured beings are trying to recompose, to put their souls back together again and a fallen god. Spirituality collapses in favour of the unique cult of possession in the superficiality of the world.
A creation that defends a free and experimental theatre. A laboratory at the service of scenic art. "Fragment" is an ode to acting and being, to existence and what defines us as human beings.
This form is aimed at an informed public and presents multiple levels of reading.

  • Directed by: Quentin Delorme
  • Actresses: Thanh Tu Hua, Hoa My Nguyen, Giang Huong Phung
  • Music by: Thanh Tu Hua