Writing Adult

Writing Adult
Writing Adult
Writing Adult

Writing Adult

Art of writing, art of sharing, art of saying 

Participating in a writing workshop is above all giving yourself time for the pleasure of writing and sharing it. Using images, literary games and texts, you will be invited to explore your own style as well as to deploy your inventiveness. And since it's about giving shape and depth to your words, you will learn to read aloud and transmit your creations on stage. 

  • Create a collective writing dynamic where spontaneity, creativity, freedom of style, and listening to personal desires are privileged.  
  • To accompany each participant in their creative projects by proposing texts by authors to be discovered, by giving feedback and tools to help in the reworking and finalization of the texts that they have created  
  • To experiment and bring to life the texts written in the workshop through the voice and the play.  
  • For each participant to create a personal piece of about 15 minutes for the stage that will be read or performed by the group.  

Class details

3 500 000 VND/trimester
Group class
Tây Hồ
19 - 78
19:30 - 21:30