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The first name of the student.
The last name of the student
Date of birth of the student (if you use Safri the format is : yyyy-mm-dd)
Terms of Service

- Conduct art classes professionally based on trust and team spirit
- Adjust teaching method based on each student’s capability
- Never exceed the maximum number of students to ensure teaching quality
- Ensure a clean and safe environment that is suitable for art practice
- Organise performance(s) during the year
- Comply with terms and conditions stated in part III of this document

- Inform via email or hotline 098 198 4213 in case of absence
- Show up punctually and frequently (excessive absences can lead to being rejected from performances)
- Comply with rules for the class to go on smoothly without affecting neighbours
- Comply with the rules and regulations listed in part III of this document

1. ATH undertakes to provide all the information relating to the time and place of the courses, price, start and end dates, holidays, payment reminders and activities of ATH in general by email and / or newsletter monthly.
Any person responsible for a subscription is responsible for the validity and proper functioning of the email provided at the time of subscription.
2. Everyone who wants to subscribe at ATH for weekly classes can take two paid trial sessions before the final subscription and payment of the full term. Regarding workshops and camps, full payment in advance is required.
3. Any subscription is confirmed only by advance payment.
 4. No refund under any circumstances.
5. For weekly classes, only subscription for the whole trimester is accepted.
6. Enrolment in ATH classes is accepted throughout the year so long as there are still available spaces in the desired classes.
7. Absence from a private class must be informed directly to ATH or the in-charged teacher at least 24 hours before the class start time. ATH only rearranges the catch-up session for absence which is requested 24 hours in advance. In case of less than 24 hours in advance or noncontacted/last minute absences, the sessions will be charged as normal without any catch-up. 
8. There are 3 trimesters in an academic year.
9. ATH is responsible for all students during the class, as well as 30 minutes before and after.
10. Carers and parents are not allowed to join the class.
11. Subscription is confirmed when this document is submitted with date and signature, and the payment is completed.
12. In case of subscriptions when trimester / workshop / camp have already started at ATH, the fee will be adjusted according to the number of remaining classes in the trimester.
 a. Weekly classes subscription will be automatically renewed and confirmed when the fee for the new trimester is submitted. No refund for class absences.
b. The deadline for fee submission is the third class after subscription or renewal announcement.
14. No refund in case of frequent absence or dropping out (except for cases of force majeure).
15. Students must show up during dress rehearsal, exhibition preparation (free extra class) before the performance.
16. In case of temporary absence of a teacher, ATH will ensure the maintenance of the session by a competent substitute.
17. Only cancelled session or aborted trimester by decision of ATH will be refunded (except for cases of force majeure or when there is serious damage to ATH’s facilities).
18. In case gathering people is not possible, ATH will automatically transfer all the classes online while keeping the same schedules as in-person classes. (same day, same time, same teacher, same price, same policy).
19. Students (or adults responsible for the subscription for minors) are responsible for his insurance cover (civil liability) in case of accident of any kind.
20. Students are fully responsible for the repair and restoration of any damage(s) done by them (e.g. damage to the facility), even when it is unintentional.
21. ATH is responsible for necessary educational supplies throughout the school year.
22. ATH will inform students, or parents about unexpected occurrences or normal events via email (cancelled classes, delayed classes, date and time of dress rehearsals, preparation before performances…).
23. ATH has the right to use photos and videos of students in class and performances for marketing purposes (on website, affiches, flyers, Facebook…).
24. ATH has the right to suspend or expel students in case of violations of the terms mentioned in this document.
25. This document must be completed and signed with a clear date when submitted to confirm the first subscription and doesn’t need to be renewed for another  trimester / year / activity.