Benefits and Booking

What will people learn?  

Utilizing the arts in your training can improve participants’ overall abilities in areas such as; adaptability, awareness, confidence, presentation skills, teamwork, effective management, communication, and more.   

Each of the different disciplines available provides their specific skill set to suit your group or organization’s goals.  

  • Imagination and creative thinking  
  • Self-discipline  
  • Spontaneity and problem solving  
  • Initiative and reaction time  
  • Mindfulness: accepting the present moment and transforming it at will  
  • Ability to get out of your comfort zone  
  • Long-term memory  
  • Self-confidence and confidence as part of a group  
  • Creative construction  
  • Teamwork and empathy  
  • Assertiveness in the group  
  • Imagination  
  • Exploring Creativity  
  • Applied Theatre   
  • Creative way of teaching  
  • The Capacity of inspiring and collaborating with students   
  • Strengthen communication between colleagues   
  • Rhythms and body   
  • Presentation and performance  
Dance and Movement   
  • Dedication and perseverance  
  • Presentation and performance  
  • Attention to detail  
  • Resilience  
How can I book the Neighbourhood Theatre?   

You may contact us at to arrange an appointment with our director and discuss your interests and needs.   

We look forward to hearing from you and furthering our work in the community!