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Professional Production
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ATH aims to promote performing arts as a tool of cultural exchange and social support in Vietnam, mainly in Hanoi, or elsewhere through organizations of popular educational and cultural events.      

“No one educates no one, no one educates themselves, people educate themselves together through the world." — Paulo Freire   

Culture must bring people together, and encourage them to think and confront their thoughts. It is about giving ourselves the means to understand and reflect on the world to transform it together.  The word “culture” is fundamentally defined as “what is common to a group of individuals, what unites it together”.   

Through the differences and common points that we will observe from all parts of society, we want to find a path to a culture that would be fairer, defending human rights. Familiarize people with live performance and appreciate its values.  

As usual in ATH, in production, we find our 4 performing arts: Improv, drama, Music, and Dance.  

ATH Production is where our performers of diverse origins and disciplines, who are also part of ATH Education, gather together to experiment within workshops and show creations. Their production can be varied both in form and content, some accessible to a greater audience, others built for a more targeted audience, but always addressed to as many age groups and social categories as possible according to the means given.   

ATH accompanies each artist throughout their creative journey by providing them with stage resources in their venues and artistic advice. Their creation can also be performed in Theatre 21, Winter Fest, and P.A.S Festival or on tour around the country through diverse cultural events and at different art venues.   

ATH production doesn’t just create performances, but also different concepts to let people experience different ways to enjoy the live culture. Street, home, restaurant, theatre, Factory... Any place and platform can be used. For us, performance art is in continuous movement, an art of the present, an art of life, an art that reinvents itself every time and we push our artists and audience to explore this ephemeral world. We want to catch those unique moments that will only be given once to a specific audience. 

This is why we push our performers to explore, mix, and match their discipline to find how it can resonate with today's audience. 

ATH production is currently part of a more than important dynamic. A struggle for life and the collective, for living together. In a world where everyone is gradually more closed in and where the tools are increasingly more developed to keep us away, we build a culture together in times of unity in small or large groups, where we come back to the physical connections of life. 

“If theater can change someone's life, by implication it can certainly change society since we are part of it.” Sarah Kane 

To discover our latest productions: IN THE PAST / AT THE MOMENT  

Munchausen odyssey
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