Please see below information regarding our position and policy during the recent Covid-19 outbreak. We will update this page as (and if!) the situation evolves. 


1. What changes will be made to ATH classes? 

Adhering to Vietnamese authorities’ decision, we are prohibited from gathering in groups and so ATH cannot continue its in-person group classes at this time. As a result, we will transfer all of our group classes online for the time being – until we are officially authorised to gather in groups again.  

However, all private classes will continue in person until any further instruction from the authorities. Please note: all private students need to submit a health report (Click HERE) before attending class and respect our pandemic safety procedure (Click HERE). 

2. When will in-person classes resume? 

Hopefully our classes will return mid May. 

The answer to this question will of course be continually updated as and when we receive new information. 

3. Will the PAS Festival and Mini PAS still take place this year? 

Yes! Our intention is to still hold a live P.A.S festival at a venue to honor the students' achievements. 
We decided to change this year’s festival’s program to fit the current situation of the epidemic. However, following the new decisions from the Vietnamese Authorities, any changes will be updated on this FAQ page. 
May 31 - June 4: Street P.A.S will offer a theatrical art experience at various locations in Hanoi. 
June 5-6: P.A.S gathers performances of groups from 4 years old to adults. 
June 13: Digital P.A.S will allow you to explore video or online versions of performances. 
For more information about the performances, please go to PROGRAMME (Click HERE).  

4. What about the annual end-of-year performance in each class? 

As mentioned, all of our classes will continue to focus on and contribute to each of their end-of-year performances during their online classes. 



5. Why is ATH going online? 

As a result of the complex epidemic and under the current direction of the government, ATH's group classes cannot continue to be held at ATH premises at present. Therefore, we will transfer all of our group classes online for the time being – until we are officially authorised to gather in groups again. 

The online classes are of course a temporary alternative that allows us to: 

- Continue to offer the best classes we can within safe and legal boundaries.  

- Continue to work together as full classes, maintaining each individual classes’ energy and ethos as well as the valued ATH arts community overall. 

- Continue students’ learning, abilities to express creatively, communicate in their various languages and enjoy physical activity.

- Continue working towards end-of-year projects, plays, and/or performances to be performed at PAS 2021.

6. When and how will this session take place? 

- We keep schedules for all classes (same day, same time, same teacher, same price). We only change "the place". 

- The lessons will take place live, in the form of a video-conference with an ATH teacher for each lesson. 

- Despite the video constraint, the objective of our teachers will remain to mobilize each student physically and not to offer theoretical lessons 

- Classes with less than 4 children will be closed. 

7.  If I/my children don’t want to continue the class when it goes online, will the fee of these sessions be refunded? 

Sadly, no. Offering classes online is the only alternative currently available to ATH in order to sufficiently continue teaching/learning uninterrupted.  

Therefore, we consider any online classes as part of the usual structure of ATH, following the same schedule and overall timeline.  

Should any student decide not to attend the online class we ills imply consider this as absence from that class – just as if they were unable to attend an in-person class. 

You can find the references in the Terms and Conditions signed by Parents/Students at the beginning of the year.

8. If I/my children want to stop when classes go online, can I/my children join back later when classes are in-person to continue the work on the year-end show? 

As the projects continue to be developed during the online courses, and if we have to maintain these courses for a few weeks, we are sorry but it will not be possible to intergrate the project afterwards. 

09. What are the technical requirements in order to participate in online classes? 

A link of each class will be sent to you via email in advance of your first online class. 


- A computer with a camera and microphone 

- A good quality internet connection 


- A space of 2 to 3 square metres free of obstacles 

- An adult nearby, able to support or intervene in case of accidents or emergencies (especially for students under 8 years old) 

- A non-slip floor  

- Comfortable clothing allowing free movement 

- Strictly, no food or objects in hands that could be obstructing during sessions (we would not allow this for in-person classes). 

Please note that ATH and its teachers cannot take responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur during online sessions. 
If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to email us at