Private Online Course

Private Online Course

How to stay motivated and positive during lockdown?  

Move your body, embrace your emotions, find a new routine, stay socialised, bref, take this time for yourself! Either to discover a new passion, develop your creativity, set a new goal or simply to stay fit, join one of our private online courses can be your Solution during Lockdown!  

ATH offers private online course in Drama, Improv, Music (Instruments and Singing) and Dance.  


Physical training to acquire a strong, lively, and reactive body. 
Discover and practice discipline of your choice accompanied by our teachers - professional artists
Personnal and focused follow-up by our teachers  
Enhance your skills and abilities in space’s organisation, rythm, focusing, acting, performing 
Establish proper posture, breathing techniques while practising any performing arts 


- Courses will take place live, in the form of a video conference with an ATH teacher leading each class. Times and days will be chosen according to student’s preference and availabilities.  
 The objective is to continue to provide active sessions and not theoretical lessons.  
A link to join the class you’ve subscribed for will be sent after registration. 
Download Zoom, video-conferencing software we’re using: 


1h / 1 student ------- 650,000 
1h / 2 students ------ 900,000 
1h / 3 students ------ 1,200,000 
1h30 / 1 student ---- 950,000 
1h30 / 2 students --- 1,300,000 
1h30 / 3 students --- 1,700,000 
2h / 1 student ------- 1,250,000 
2h / 2 students ------ 1,750,000 
2h / 3 students ------ 2,350,000 


For further information and registration, please contact us via email or hotline 098 198 4213