The story of the soldier

Chuyện người lính

📌 L'Espace (24 Tràng Tiền)
📌 20h00 - 16 & 17.04.2021

📌 Music: Igor Stravinsky
📌 Text: Charles Ferdinand Ramuz

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The story of the soldier occupies a singular place in Stravinsky's work. This mini chamber opera, tinged with jazz and tango, was composed of seven musicians and three narrators.
Carried by the talented interpretation of the VNSO musicians conducted by Honna Tetsuji, the voices of the ATH actors reciting Ramuz's libretto, plunge the audience into another dimension where epic meets science fiction. 
Marcelino Valiente's experimental staging destructures the story in time and space, while Nguyen My Anh's phantasmagorical illustrations that scroll across the screen bring a futuristic context to the story. 
In this version of The Soldier's Tale, which is also that of the devil, evil has no limits and becomes distant, indefinite, impalpable, constantly requestioning the fatality of our existences.