Hua Thanh Tu

Head of Music
Music Teacher
Improv Teacher

Graduating in Vocal Performance from Hanoi College of Arts, Thanh Tu Hua is a Hanoi-based musician who works as a solo performer, as well as in duos and bands as a professional singer. She also creates and performs original musical accompaniment for drama plays and movies. Since 2008 she has performed on numerous different stages across Vietnam and France.

To continue developing her performing and stage management skills, she also trained in drama and improvisation at ATH. With a music and theatre background she often performs in musicals (in Vietnamese, French and English) as a singer and actress as well as performing in improvisation shows and matches.

In 2017, she joined the ATH team as a music and improv teacher.

Thanh Tú Hứa
Thanh Tú Hứa
Thanh Tú Hứa