Professional Productions

The aim of ATH is to promote theatre as a tool of cultural exchange and social support in Vietnam, mainly in Hanoi, and/or abroad through the organisation of popular educational, cultural events. Popular education is not to separate action from analysis, to not separate those who make from those who think and those who decide. Popular education is not about educating people, but bringing people together, encouraging them to think, and confront their thoughts.  It is about giving ourselves the means to understand and reflect on the world in order to transform it together.

“No one educates no one, no one educates himself, people educate themselves together through the world." - Paulo Freire

Ethics, social commitment in culture disappear, starification, image worship and the need for recognition steal the spotlight. The law today is all about the overconsumption of culture and the capitalization of art. The public, overwhelmed by leisure, entertainment and distraction, no longer appreciates culture at its true value. At the same time, some social classes and places are deprived or almost deprived of cultural access. As if culture would be unequally distributed in the same way than wealth.

Thus, we can no longer bring the worldwide public to events that would mobilize them for their own happiness and freedom. Culture, wherever it is present, today widens the gap between social classes instead of assuming its proper role which is to offer to people, to each individual within it, without discrimination, a tool for observation, reflection and an opportunity to take part in the development of the community of which they are a part. It is around this observation that ATH was imagined. Through encounters and experiments, to give back its strength to culture, its sociological definition of “what is common to a group of individuals, what unites it together”.  

We want, through the differences and common points that we will observe from all parts of society, to find a path to a culture that would be fairer, defending human rights. This research will be pursued through diverse and varied cultural events, some accessible to the greatest number, both in form and content, others built for a more targeted audience, but always addressed to as many age groups and social categories as possible according to the means given.

ATH, brings together an enterprising team, working perpetually in the form and the idea of a stage laboratory. Artists of diverse origins and disciplines, proceeding together to experiment within workshops and show creations.

ATH is the logical continuation and ideal complement to ATH school. It is partly composed of its various teachers, who are themselves trained in its training centre.

ATH allows each of the artists who compose it to propose their own creations.




poster fragment

Adaptation of The Death of the Prince by Fernando Pessoa

The walk of a grasshopper
Theatre for children (0-5 years old)
Munchausen Odysse
Munchausen Odyssey
Adaptation of the feature film The Adventures of Baron Münchausen by Terry Gilliam
le chevalier
The knight in rusty armor
Theatrical tale for two actresses
Ulysse OI
Ulysses oi, where are you going ?
Musical – Adaptation of Homere’s Odyssey